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Model Introduction:

The Model BD-65 is designed for custom applications to be easily incorporated into any automated factory environment.  Our engineers will customize the input and output signals to your requirements, and customize an electrode to fit a robotic arm, or similar device, to test products for pinhole flaws.   A industry standard enclosure is used, with controls located internally, once set, allow for continuous operation.  High voltage cables are brought out through the enclosure, allowing for attachment to your electrode nearby.    Its wide range of output permits testing a wide of materials and products and materials for possible pinholes

Key Features and Operating Characteristics:

The high voltage can be configured in a continuous or pulsed mode. Ten-turn controls allow for fine adjustment of voltage control, sensitivity, and output control duration, from 20 to 300 milliseconds.     Circuitry wiring is color-coded, and numbered, using industry standard color-coded terminal blocks.

Output voltage is adjustable from 2,000 to 40,000, with a frequency of 500 kHz.  Input voltage is either 115 V, or 230 V, 50/60 Hz.  There is isolation and noise suppression on the input side.  The output signal can be either mechanical relays with dry contacts at 5 A, or solid-state relays.  For remote control. it will accept a signal from a computer to turn the power completely on or off, and to turn just the high voltage output on or off.  This can be done via a 115 VAC or DC signal from a computer. 

Typical overall dimensions: 20x 16x11 in. high, in a water-tight, lockable enclosure.  There is a high voltage insulator, 3 in. long, extending from the enclosure, with a 5 foot, flexible, high voltage cable to connect to your electrode.

Key Applications and Accessories:

Can automatically detect pinholes and flaws in a variety of thickness and types of surfaces:

  • Plastic parts which are injection molded, such as battery cases, etc.
  • Insulation on wires
  • Integrity of welds in plastic tanks
  • Holidays (voids) in thin coatings or linings on metal surfaces

Accessory electrodes are typically custom-made to match your application.  They are typically robotically held and moved.   Contact our engineering department for further information, and development of a quotation based upon your specific application.

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BD-65 Auto-sensing Pinhole Leak Detection System

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