BD-80C Surface Treater, 2 MHz, 30mA with CC-80 Catalytic Reactor Installed

BD-80C Surface Treater, 2 MHz, 30mA with CC-80 Catalytic Reactor Installed

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125.00 LBS

Model Introduction:

The patented design of the Model BD‑80 allows for corona treatment of the surfaces of polymeric materials in a production setting using only a single electrode. Use of a single electrode means that breakdown of a thin film is less likely to occur than with conventional corona treaters requiring a ground electrode.  Typical treatment using the Model BD-80 include continuous fed flat and irregularly-shaped surfaces of porous films, sheets, foams, tubing, fibers, or finished articles having large dimensions and/or small crevices up to 2 in. in depth.  Various configurations of the Model BD-80 are available, matched with a wide range of round and field-effect electrodes for numerous applications.    

Key Features and Operating Characteristics:

Enclosed in a stain-less steel housing, mountable above a conveyor, or wall.  Includes an ozone removal system.  Available in four different configurations, depending upon output power, low or high, and frequency, 2 MHz or 4 MHz.  For more precise control of the power at low outputs for certain applications, a regulated output model is available.  Models with detachable electrode heads are also available.  A voltage control knob, power and high voltage ON/OFF switches, and output power meter are included.  There are provisions for wiring in control remotely. Circuitry is fused. 

Output voltage is adjustable from 50 kV to 250 kV.  The input power is 350 watts.  The output power is adjustable between approximately 50 to 175 watts, depending upon model.   Operate from 115  VAC, 60 Hz. Overall dimensions: 18x15x27 in. high, without electrode.  Weight: 125 lbs.

 Key Applications and Accessories:

The primary application is surface corona treating, but can be used check for vacuum integrity on pharmaceutical vials and lamp bulbs.

Accessory electrodes included round (see SKU series 12800), and wire field effect (see SKU series 13811).   Complete systems are also available, which include special non-conductive conveyor, and adjustable height stand.

Send in your samples to be treated for a price quotation for the Model BD-80 configuration and electrode matching your application.

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