BD-20A High Frequency Generator

BD-20A High Frequency Generator

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Model Introduction:

The BD-20A high frequency generator operates at a very high frequency in the MHz range, generating a soft spark.  Operating at this frequency makes it conductive to ionize (make glow) the gas inside a lamp, pharmaceutical vacuum vials or similar glass containers.  The voltage is adjustable.  Consists of a power control unit and a separate high voltage handle.  .  is separate from the It generates an adjustable high voltage output of 10,000 to 45,000 volts at a high frequency of 4.5 MHz.  . The spring tip electrode is flexible to protect delicate glassware under test. 

Key Features and Operating Characteristics:

The generator handle is attached with a 6 ft. cord to a power control source with ON/OFF switch.  It uses a transformer inside to providing isolation from line voltage, and a line voltage filter to reduce interference with the power line while in use.  The generator handle is made of durable plastic, with  a control knob to adjust the output voltage..

Output voltage is adjustable from 10,000 to 45,000. Output frequency is 4.5 MHz.  Output current is approximately 0.1 mA maximum.  Separate models operate from either 115 or 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz. Overall dimensions: 4x8x3 power supply; 11x2.5 without electrode.  Weight: 8 lbs.

 Key Applications and Accessories:

Vacuum checking and related applications, and micromixing including:

  • vacuum checking of lamp bulbs, pharmaceutical vials, double pane glass windows
  • electro-static discharge testing
  • spectrum tube, fluorescent lamp and plasma ignition
  • micro-mixing of small liquid surfaces

Accessory electrodes included are the 12201 Spring Tip.