RSpec Explorer
Desktop Spectrometer

Finally, there’s an easier and more effective way to teach visible light spectra to your physics, chemistry, and astronomy students — for only $395.

Watch this video to learn more and see how it works

It’s time to throw away those frustrating rainbow glasses, hand-held foil, and yardsticks. Now there’s a high-tech, affordable tool for teaching spectra in the classroom or remotely.

Product features, capabilities, and benefits

• Only classroom spectrometer that displays live video, making it the best teaching tool for teaching remotely, in your classroom and student labs.

• Easily demonstrate gas-tube spectra on your overhead projector so everyone sees the same thing at the same time.

• Identify the contents of a mystery gas tube.

• Determine the temperature of stars by their spectrum.

Customer reviews

RSpec Explorer opens up a new world

"This system allows my middle and high school students to take inquiry science to the next level. RSpec Explorer opens up a new world of possibilities for students and teachers alike to study light and color.”


- Peter Saxby, Tesla STEM High School

RSpec is an incredible and indispensable teaching aid!

"We love using RSpec Explorer in classroom demos with our students. It's one thing to just talk about a spectrum, or to show a powerpoint slide. It's completely different to actually show students how to produce one and then display it to the whole class simultaneously. RSpec is an incredible and indispensable teaching aid!"

- Daniel Schwartz, Gentel Biosciences

Get the RSPec Explorer and 2 spectrum tubes for only $427!

We are excited to offer an exclusive bundle when customers purchase an RSpec Explorer from ETP. For just $427, you will receive an RSpec Explorer desktop spectrometer along with two high-quality gas spectrum tubes of your choosing.

Spectrum tubes and other related products

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