BD-60 Self Sensing Leak Detector

BD-60 Self Sensing Leak Detector

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Model Introduction:

Our top of the line leak detection model features an auto-sensing design, to test a wide range of materials from thin coatings of thickness from thousands on an inch to linings as thick as ¾ in.  If a leak is detected in the liner, an alarm and lamp is activated, alerting the operator of the presence of a pinhole, crack, or tear and its location.  The operator need not see the spark jumping through the pinhole, improving the accuracy and the speed of testing.

Key Features and Operating Characteristics:

Test and Flaw Lamps give an indication of the status of the test.  Also, when a flaw is detected, an alarm will sound.  Ten-position Voltage and Sensitivity Switches allow for the wide range of use, with the Sensitivity Adjust balancing the induced current over a good surface with that of a current at a pinhole, especially useful to test thin coatings.  Circuitry is fused with ON/OFF switch, and Ground Terminal, used when small objects are tested.  The Control Unit can be bench or wall mounted.  The High Voltage Probe is detachable, with a 6 ft. cord.  A certificate of calibration is furnished.

Output voltage is adjustable from 2,000 to 40,000.  Voltage is a pulsated DC signal with frequency of 400 to 500 kHz.  Trip current levels are from 0.5 mA to25 mA maximum, depending upon voltage and sensitivity settings.  Separate models operate from either 115 or 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz.  Overall dimensions: 9x5x7 in. with 11x2.5 in handle.  Weight: 9 lbs.

Key Applications and Accessories:

Can automatically detect pinholes and flaws in a variety of thickness and types of surfaces:

  • Plastic, glass, or rubber linings of metal tanks
  • Insulation on wires
  • Integrity of welds in plastic tanks
  • Holidays (voids) in thin coatings or paint on metal or concrete surfaces
  • Inner and outer diameter linings of metal pipes, valves and fittings

Accessory electrodes are 12101 Blunt Tip, and 12201 Spring Tip, Other accessory electrodes facilitate testing larger surfaces, include 4 in. 12121 and 8 in. 12141 brass brush; 4 in. 12401 and 8 in. 12421 T-Tips.   For work with glass, the 12111 Spring Tip is useful.   Electrode extensions are available to allow access to hard to reach surfaces.  These include the 12441 4 ft. and 1244101 10 ft. extensions.

The 12701 Peak Voltage Calibrator accessory permits accurate measurement of the output of the Model BD-60.