ETP Adds Reed Instruments' Coating Thickness Gauges to Expand Catalog

ETP Adds Reed Instruments' Coating Thickness Gauges to Expand Catalog

Posted by Ritesh Patel on on 29th Nov 2021

Electro-Technic Products is pleased to announce that we have recently entered into a partnership with Reed Instruments to expand our website's catalog. Through this new relationship, we have brought Reed's top products in the non-destructive testing category to our customers.

As of last month, we began carrying 3 key products of theirs: the R7800 Coating Thickness GaugeCM-8822 Coating Thickness Gauge, and the TM-8811 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge. All of these products are nondestructive thickness gauges that are ideal for precision measurement and quality control in various industries and applications.

Why Reed Instruments?

This partnership was forged because we believe our companies share the same core goal: customer satisfaction through quality equipment at affordable prices. Reed is a proven manufacturer of quality portable precision test and measurement instruments and has been in business since 2004. Their 5 stocking locations and 5 laboratories provide the support and

The first-class engineering of their products and dedication to designing client focused solutions has allowed them to develop economical alternatives to higher priced test equipment— but this doesn't mean quality is sacrificed. Reed's laboratory has a stringent development process where they review, test, adjust and re-test every aspect of their product before launching. Not to mention every product comes backed by a 1 year manufacturer's warranty and the capability to provide calibration certificates so you can rest assured your device will work properly from day one.

ETP a Leading Source for All Your Surface Testing and Precision Instruments

For Electro-Technic Products, it's just the beginning of our goal to widen the scope of our products in order to serve customers the best surface testing and measurement instruments the industry has available today.

In addition to offering more products from Reed, we also plan to forge relationships with other manufacturers and suppliers so we can continue to be the one stop shop for convenient and affordable instruments.

Our main criteria are devices that will aid in our customers use and application of our existing line of products, as well as being at the leading edge of industrial technology.

Our team is hard at work identifying new products that will continue to drive value for our customers. Sign up for our newsletter and check back on our site in order to keep up to date with the exciting things to come from ETP this year.