Fun & Interesting Ways to Use a Tesla Coil

Fun & Interesting Ways to Use a Tesla Coil

Posted by Ritesh Patel on on 27th Feb 2020

The Tesla coil is a device that produces vibrant arcs of high-voltage electricity and it was invented by Nikola Tesla in 1891 in an effort to make wireless transmissions possible. ETP innovated on this wonderful scientific contribution by allowing businesses and consumers across the globe to affordably harness the power of the Tesla coil in a variety of mobile handheld versions with ranging capabilities.

Today, this technology is still widely used and handheld Tesla or “Oudin” coils have many applications across industries such as oil & gas, pharmaceutical, construction and more to detect leaks or pinholes in a variety of materials. For instance, one of the many important use cases for these products is testing the linings and surfaces of objects such as pipelines, tanks, medical devices, and more. It is essential that the coatings on these objects are checked for damage because any porosity or exposure in the outer layer will cause unwanted and costly corrosion. Visit our Applications page to learn more about leak detection and discover the value that these products provide in the field.

Aside from the numerous industry applications of these instruments, there are also many cool things that these devices are capable of. ETP’s high frequency generators are loved internationally by scientists, professors, and hobbyists alike to conduct experiments that would not be possible without such technology. Some of these demonstrations include lighting various elements without any wires such as plasma globesfluorescent lightsspectrum gas tubes, and more. Tesla coils are great for visualizing electricity by showing how it travels through the air and the spark that is produced can even be used as a source of ignition.


There is nearly an unlimited amount of entertaining things you could do with a Tesla coil – especially if you are creative enough to think outside the box such as Taras Kul, AKA “Crazy Russian Hacker”:

Although this may be amusing, high-voltage electricity is nothing to be fooled around with. Our high-voltage generators are extremely powerful and can be quite dangerous if used without proper care.

Our handheld Tesla coils are also known as “violet wands” in certain contexts and they can be used for branding objects or just for fun when using certain electrode attachments. Here is an example of one of our products in action:

If you are curious to learn more, check out this video where TheSpanglerEffect talks about some of the secrets behind the Tesla coil and a few really neat experiments that it can be used for:

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