Finally, there’s an easier and more effective way to teach visible light spectra to your physics, chemistry, and astronomy students. The RSpec Explorer spectroscope is designed for demonstrating spectral sources (such as gas tubes), and for measuring the spectra of a wide range of light sources, including LEDs, street lamps, and others.

RSpec Explorer Desktop Spectrometer

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The RSpec Explorer is an educational tool which makes it possible for an entire class or lecture hall to study atomic emission spectra. This is a great device for hands-on student learning including having students identify the gas in an unknown spectrum tube. Your students will find the software (included) is easy to use right out of the box. There is a Windows and Mac version of the software. Until now, it’s been nearly impossible to teach about light and color using traditional tools like diffraction gratings because you can’t determine if all your students are even seeing the same results of their experiments.  But with the RSpec-Explorer’s camera and software system, you will be confident knowing that every student is seeing the same thing. The result is that they’re spending less time wondering what they’re looking at and more time on impactful tasks like:

  • Learning how to measure the wavelength of visible light,
  • Understanding the different line spectra from ionized gas tubes
  • Studying the diffraction of light.

To use the unit simply position the spectrometer about a meter from the light source and connect it to a computer. The internal camera automatically focuses and adjusts to current light conditions.  Project the computer screen and voila, the entire class can see the colorful spectra! Includes software to display colorful spectra and generate intensity graphs. Seven instructional videos are also included to show you how to set up and get started. 

The unit is an excellent complement to ETP's renowned spectrum tubes and power supply which can be used as light sources for the RSpec Explorer.

Why use the RSpec Explorer?

  • This is the only classroom spectrometer that displays live video, making RSpec Explorer the best teaching tool for teaching remotely, or in your classroom and student labs.
  • Easily demonstrate gas-tube spectra on your overhead projector so everyone sees the same thing at the same time.
  • Have your students do exciting and engaging hands-on labs. With the live video display, your students can make a change and see the results immediately.
  • Identify the contents of a mystery gas tube.
  • Measure flame emission lines of sodium chloride and other materials. Our YouTube video here shows flame spectra and spectra of cell phone screens.
  • Determine the temperature of  stars by their spectrum (using the RSpec software and our Star Analyser grating with a DSLR or small telescope.)

Check out a video demonstration of the RSpec Explorer on our blog post!