Science Action Classroom Magnetism Experiment Kit - Enough Kits for 6 Students or Groups

Science Action Classroom Magnetism Experiment Kit - Enough Kits for 6 Students or Groups

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  • Includes enough materials for 6 Students or 6 Groups
  • Entire Kit includes 6 electromagnetic coils, 6 aluminum cores, 6 iron cores, 30 banana plugs wires
  • Allows students to observe the function of electromagnets, and to hypothesize, observe, collect data and make inferences
  • Includes experiment guide, instructions, and safety information
  • Perfect for any classroom and useful for a variety of individual and group experiments


This set is an invaluable teaching tool designed to provide younger students and budding scientists with a visual, creative, and hands on understanding of electromagnets. First students observe the function of electromagnets. The students then work in groups to create their own electromagnets. Through creative thinking within their groups they then develop a list of physical properties that can be changed about their magnet before finally developing their own experiments to observe the effect of these changes on the strength of the magnetic field. While learning about magnetism students also learn about creating a hypothesis and how it is applied to scientific investigation. Includes enough supplies for six groups to work simultaneously within a classroom setting.

Entire kit includes: (6) electromagnetic coils, (6) aluminum cores, (6) iron cores and (30) banana plug wires.

Dimensions: Electromagnetic Coils measure 2.25" wide, 1.5" long and 2.5" tall. Banana plugs measure 9" long, Cores measure 2.75" tall and 0.75" in length and width.

Required for each set, but not included: 5 battery holders, 5 D-Cell Batteries, 1 Push Switch, and 100 paperclips.