BD-10AST Tank Lining Tester Kit

BD-10AST Tank Lining Tester Kit

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Model Introduction:

The BD-10AST is one of our tank lining tester kit which includes the BD-10AS and 3 electrodes (12101, 12131 and 12141). The BD-10AS Generates a spark at a high voltage and frequency, used to detect pinholes and vacuum leaks, and in the classroom to light spectrum tubes and florescent bulbs.  It is lightweight, self-contained hand held.  For light duty, intermittent use.  Not to be operated for more than 10 minutes at a time, with a cool down period to follow. 

Key Features and Operating Characteristics:

It is made of durable plastic, with an 8 ft. cord. It has a control knob on the high voltage handle to adjust the output voltage.  The electrode used provides safety by using a spacer to isolate power line voltage in the event of a internal short-circuit with the device.

Output voltage is adjustable from 20,000 to 50,000 Output frequency is 500 kHz.  Output current is approximately 0.1 mA maximum.  Separate models operate from either 115 or 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz. Overall dimensions: 11x2.5 without electrode.  Weight: 3 lbs.

 Key Applications and Accessories:

Can detect pinholes in linings, vacuum checking and related applications, including:

  • plastic, glass, or rubber linings, ¼ to 1 in. thick, on metal tanks
  • integrity of welds in plastic tanks
  • vacuum checking of neon signs, lamp bulbs, pharmaceutical vials, double pane glass windows
  • electro-static discharge testing
  • spectrum tube, fluorescent lamp and plasma ignition

Accessory electrodes included with the tank lining tester kit are the 12101 Blunt Tip, the 12131 12 in wide T-Tip, and the 12141 Fan Tip. For work with glass, the 12111 Spring Tip is useful.

The 12701 Peak Voltage Calibrator accessory permits accurate measurement of the output of the Model BD-10A, BD-10AS.