Van De Graaff Generator - Hand Driven and Motor Driven

Van De Graaff Generator - Hand Driven and Motor Driven

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  • Van De Graaff Generator that can be run on both a motor and a hand crank
  • Motor has adjustable speeds and is compatible with 110/120V and 220/240V
  • Hand crank up to 100kV
  • Sturdy 6" x 8" base with both the components securely mounted
  • Approximately 22" tall



This Van De Graaff Generator can be both motor driven or hand cranked.


The hand crank is perfect for showing students energy transformation from mechanical to electrical. The hand measures 6" in diameter, comes with an O-ring belt for smooth and easy turning, and it is mounted securely to the wooden base.


The motor operates on 220V or 110V. It measures approximately 5" x 6" x 3.5" and has adjustable speeds.


Dome and discharge sphere are hand spun and polished. Silicone rubber charge collecting belt has excellent insulation resistance. Acrylic shaft allows for full visibility. Discharge wand features and insulated handle.


Stands approximately 22" tall.


Package includes: solid wooden base, hand crank and O-ring bely, adjustable motor, electrical cord, 4mm plug for connecting discharge wand to ground, 13" discharge wand with insulated handle and 5" ball diameter, large metal done, socket for holding accessories, 7" comb, 2" spike arm wheel, tool, metal can with ladle measuring 3" tall with 2" diameter, dancing ball accessories in a 6" long and 2" diameter glass tube, brush of 4" hairs, belt, neon bulb pointer, acrylic shaft, and experiment/user guide.


Components are interchangeable and replaceable.