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Electro-Technic Products

Corona Treaters

Corona Treaters for the treatment of polymers to increase surface energy and improve adhesion in PDMS Bonding, printing, paint and coatings applications. Explore why our handheld and in-line solutions are a low-cost yet robust alternative to plasma or flame treatment.

Vacuum Leak and Holiday Detectors

Vacuum Leak and Holiday Detectors for pharmaceutical vial testing, industrial and specialty lighting applications, tank and pipe linings, chemical coatings, plastic molded components, CPG packaging and more. Explore how our products deliver quality, reliability and peformance at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

Science Education

Science Education products and supplies for high-schools and colleges demonstrating high voltage applications. Our gas-filled spectrum tubes, associated power supplies, re-magnetizers are of the highest quality and are highly durable.

Learn more about the BD-20AC and  how it can help with PDMS Bonding!
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