Dyne Pens: What they are and how to Measure Surface Tension

Dyne Pens: What they are and how to Measure Surface Tension

Posted by Ritesh Patel on on 22nd Feb 2018

Dyne Pens are a quick and easy way to measure, if a substrate, has sufficient surface tension for applications such as printing, coating or laminating. When used properly they are an easy, economical and extremely effective tool to ensure an appropriate level of corona treatment has been obtained, prior to printing, coating or laminating.

Using dyne pens is as simple as 1, 2 , 3. Draw a line over the treated area with the desired dyne pen, after corona treatment, and within 3 seconds you will know if the substrate has a lower or higher level of dyne, than the pen. If the marker dissipates, into droplets, within 3 seconds the dyne level is lower and if a solid line remains you have achieved a higher level of dyne!

This is a great video demonstrating the use of these pens and how to measure the results:

Dyne pens are available from the ranges of 32 - 58 dyne/cm, in increments of 2. ETP has 25 + years of experience in corona surface treatment and our corona treaters, dyne pens and services are used throughout various industries. Please feel free to contact us at or (773) 561 – 2349. If you want to learn more, feel free to click below to obtain a deeper understanding of corona treatment can help you!