Getting the Most out of Your Corona Treater with Tools & Accessories

Getting the Most out of Your Corona Treater with Tools & Accessories

Posted by Ritesh Patel on on 13th Aug 2020

Our Corona Treatment Technology

Electro-Technic Products currently carries only one corona treatment product called the BD-20AC (shown above). The BD-20AC is by far our top-selling product because of its extreme effectiveness and versatility. This product is the result of many years of innovation dating all the way back to 1942 and continues to remain an industry leader in the surface treatment device industry. Our proprietary corona treatment technology has been trusted by thousands of people and businesses across the globe for over 50 years.

How Our Accessories Can Help You

The BD-20AC handheld corona treater is the perfect choice for treating both small and medium-sized surfaces to increase bonding or adhesion in lab environments. Every corona treater that is purchased from ETP comes with 3 electrodes (the 3 in. Wire Field-Effect Electrode, Spring Electrode Tip, and Round Electrode) that expand its use and improves performance in a number of different settings.

The 3 in. Wire Field-Effect Electrode (Model 13811) is a very well-rounded electrode used for treating both flat and curved surfaces. The Round Electrode (Model 12811) is ideal for treating primarily flat surfaces while the Spring Electrode Tip (Model 12201) is best suited for treating cavities and the inner diameters of tubes.

Here is a quick visual overview of each electrode and its intended use case so that you can determine the best electrode tip for your project or industry:

How Our Tools Can Help You

ETP also carries additional products and tools such as our Dyne Pen Box Sets and Dyne Testing Applicators that can help improve your corona treatment by increasing precision and improving productivity.

Dyne Pens (shown above), which are also sometimes referred to as Corona Pens, are used to measure surface energy of a particular substance. Dyne test pens provide quick and easy results indicating surface wettability. The Dyne Pen Box Set (32-58 Even Only) provides 14 Dyne Pens - all even numbers from levels 32 through 58.

All Dyne Pens are specifically designed for fast, accurate on-line use by printers, coaters, and laminators — also ideal for process control or field use by suppliers of film, sheet, coated board, inks, coatings, and adhesives. These pens are reliable enough for many R&D and lab applications, capable of hundreds of tests, and usable on virtually all smooth non-absorptive substrates.

The Dyne Testing Applicator (shown above) can produce high quality drawdowns in a confined area, making direct benchtop testing a reality. All four gates are precision ground to the same clearance to facilitate quicker test-to-test turnaround and to provide the longest service life.

To perform the dyne test with a Testing Applicator, first stand the applicator upright on the film sample, then apply a short bead of surface tension test fluid from a dropper bottle directly to the sample surface. As soon as possible, the applicator is then drawn down over this bead, spreading it over the surface.

In Conclusion

At ETP, we take pride in our corona treatment solutions. It is our goal to provide all of the tools for success and we hope that this information will help you improve your corona treatment efforts and get the most out of your product. As always, please feel free to ask any questions you might have or leave your thoughts in the form below!